Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The answer to yesterday's question is YES!

Managed to spend several hours down at the allotment. The white sprouting broccoli has gone over and is just starting to flower. So, all the plants have been lifted, chopped up and are now on the compost heap, except for one plant. I left one plant in to flower so that I can collect seed from it. I have dug over the patch and will work in somore manure ready for dibbing in the leeks.

There were a load of small comfrey seedlings sprouting so I have lifted a lot of them and dropped the roots into water and will transplant some of those to the comfrey patch. Once I had cleaned up that patch I transplanted some Cos Lettuce into it. Need to get some more seed set off to keep the rotation going.

The few sweet corns that have sprouted and a squash and a pumpkin plant have been planted into the hot bed. I have also planted a load of sweet corn seeds and squash seeds directly into the hot bed. As Charles on the allotment next to us is away during the week at the moment I gave his tomato and courgette plants a good watering with the hose (no hose pipe ban here!).

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