Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Has it stopped raining yet?

Beans and Onions
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After all that rain last week I managed to get down to the allotment for a few hours yesterday. Well, the weeds were springing up all over so the onion and bean bed got a good going over with the hoe as did the comfrey bed on the new allotment. The potato bed at the top of the allotment had sprouted well so I earthed up and then put on a straw mulch to try and supress the weeds. I'll follow up with the potato bed you can see at the back of this picture when it dries up again. Some Kale plants had sprouted in amongst the potatoes so I dug a few up and transplanted about half a dozen of them. The white sprouting broccoli has now passed its best so that is on the list for pulling up and digging over.

The brassicas and beans seemed to be doing well although the runner bean leaves looked a bit brown, maybe from the cold turn in the weather. The asparagus is still doing well and I mulched two fo the new beds with confrey leaves and stalks. It acts as a good feed when it rots down. The comfrey rotter tube needed topping up and was refilled to the top again, there is about a pint of fluid in the collecting vessel so that will need transferring to a sealed bottle soon.

Beans and Brassicas.

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