Thursday, July 20, 2006

Away To Switzerland For Seven Months

On Monday I am heading of to Switzerland for seven months as a contractor so this will be last article for a while.

The sweet corn is standing up well and is just beginning to form flower tassles.

We have had several meals of broad beans and runner beans wonderful when eaten fresh. The broad beans and runner beans are still producing and the french beans are just starting to crop. The onions have started to lay over now and as they do so I have been lifting them and taking them home to dry off and store.

So, from Monday it is over to Ann to keep the plot in good order and harvest and eat the vegetables.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Garlic Crop

Originally uploaded by jollygreenp.
The garlic was planted in the middle of last October and has been making steady progress ever since. Some of the tops were starting to fall over so I have lifted the whole crop. Ann and I then trimmed it up and cleaned off the peeling earthy husks to get the nice clean looking specimens you see here. We pickled a couple of jars of the cloves in balsamic vinegar. I'll report back later as to how they turn out. We have also had some of the broad beans, they are so nice when you have them fresh. I picked them in the morning just before I returned for lunch and then shelled and cooked them as soon as I got in.