Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday and the forecast is "Rain"

The past few days has seen activity in weeding and hoeing, cutting comfrey and mulching. If the weather permits the plan for tomorrow is to put in some dwarf french beans and sow some cauli seed. I'll also be cutting some more broccoli and some asparagus. Tomorrows broccoli dish will probably be to make a mound of vegetables including broccoli on a baking tray, pop a few pieces of chicken on top then surround with par boiled potatoes before baking in the oven for half hour at 190 degrees. The fat and juices from the roasting chicken imparts a wonderful flavour to the vegetables.

As it was wet this afternoon I spent some time updating my website and have added some photographs of orchids that I took at Keukenhof in late April. You can find them at you can find them about halfway down the page.

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