Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A few warm days

Allotment 4 June 2006
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Photo taken a couple of days ago. I am only posting it now as my broadband modem decided to stop working and I had a small problem with the login ID for the new modem configuration. As you can see everything is continuing to flourish with the beans getting taller and the onions fattening up. It's amazing the difference a few warm days will make to the growth.

The patch that was left clear by removing the white sprouting broccoli has now been half filled with leek plants. Holes were dibbed, plants dropped in and then watered by watering can with a rose on to wash loose moist soil into the hole. Then they have been watered every day to get them established and stop them drying out in this warm spell.

Just for comparison here is the bean and onion photo taken 18 May just to show the progress in just a couple of weeks



Lam Chun See said...

Greeting from sunny Spore. Nice site on gardening you have here.

My family are also keen gardeners. My son loves pitcher plants, and my wife likes ferns. Fortunately, even in land-scarce Singapore, we are blessed to have a small garden. Many of my countrymen have tiny gardens in their balconies of their high-rise apartments.

JollyGreenP said...

Thank you Chun See, I can well imagine your son's love of pitcher plants. I first came across pitcher plants when I lived in Singapore in the fifties and was fascinated by the Raffles pitcher plant and actually found one growing wild. I was out walking with the scouts from RAF Tengah in an area that would now be part of the cemetry area near Tengah Air Base. When we lived in Changi we had a Papaya tree just by the back door and the next door neighbours had a banana tree. Unfortunately we have to consider them as rather exotic in the UK climate. Other favourites I remember from Singapore are the Frangipani trees with their heady fragrance and the hibiscus that was often used as hedging plants. For things botanical we always enjoyed a visit to the Botanical Gardens on Cluny Road. In the fifties the gardens had a large population of monkeys and you had to be careful they didn't come and steal your ice cream! Singapore is well worth a visit and the Botanical Gardens are a must for any gardener.

Lam Chun See said...

For your info, the pitcher plant is now regarded a protected species in Spore. Namely, it is against the law to pluck them from the nature reserves.

The Botanical Gardens have now been enlarged considerably in size.