Friday, May 12, 2006

Mulching Runner Beans

Woke up this morning with usual hay fever itchy eyes and sneezing. I took an anti histamine but couldn't be bothered going back to bed as it was light. Had a cup of tea and went out into the back yard to water all the plants in tubs. As the anti histamine had kicked in I decided to go down to the allotment and do a few jobs there.

When I got there it was really quiet and peaceful, just the odd bird singing and flapping about. I started cutting Comfrey and soon had enough to mulch the runner beans and put some between the rows of cabbage. I checked the collector on the comfrey rotter and it was a third full and also a similar amount had collected from the stuff Ann had set up in a tall flower tub sat in a washing up bowl. When this was added to the bottle it was about 2/3 full. So I changed the collecting bottle and brought the bottle with fluid home to use on the plants at home. The tomatoes in the back yard will be needing feed soon because there is a flower on one of the plants already.

As it was still dry I decided to water the plants and did a full round of the broad beans, onions, cabbage, runner beans, parsnips, carrots, fennel and beetroot with the watering can. This afternoon saw a massive downpour, lightning and hailstones!

There were some large infestations of goose grass so that pulled up and placed into the rotting bath. Time for breakfast so I went home had breakfast only to find that we can't stay with my son tonight on our way down to Portsmouth for the P&O ferry to Bilbao as he has no running water. So we'll drive down tomorrow instead without calling to see him. We'll maybe call in to see him on the way back home.

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