Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

Ann went off to Lichfield at the weekend to look after her mother's 88 year old friend who had just come out of hospital. So I was able to get on and catch up with some jobs whilst she was away. The first job was to erect the bean poles we had won last year in the best plot competition.
On Saturday, Nev on the plot next to me asked about the greenhouse we were planning. I said that Ann had decided on a poly tunnel but that she was away with the car. Nev very kindly offered to drive me to The Range so I could buy one (£89.99) and we then cleared an area for it and erected it. Inside I have placed some mini greenhouses on which the covers had rotted and placed them as staging supports. Staging was created from long lengths of wood from old pallets placed on the supports. The staging is almost full now with seed trays and some Penstemon cuttings. I also set up some lengths of old guttering and filled them with compost and have sown mypeas in them. When they are sufficiently grown they will be planted outdoors just by sliding the matt of pea roots and plants out of the guttering.
The next area to receive attention was the area where we had made a raised bed over a patch that was low and boggy most of the year by surround ing the area with straw bales and filling with horse bedding manure and compost. Main crop potatoes have now been planted in the bed and wooden support rails placed on top of the bales which are starting to collapse. Grow bags with strawberry plants have been place atop the support rails.
The rest of this year's potatoes are going in the second plot next to the compost bins. 

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Committe Meeting Minutes 26 Mar 2010

FRIDAY 26th MARCH 2010 AT 1930HRS

Those in attendance
Mr .K. Bearpark (chair)
Mr. R. Cooper(secretary)
Mr. B. Bothamley (TREASURER)
COMMITTEE Mrs S Braund, Mr J French, Mr T. Goody, Mr. J. Harper, Mr. J. Ingman
And Mrs. A. Stockdale.

Apologies from Miss .B. Shreeve .

The chair opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. The chair then
stated some questions were being raised over co-opted members of the
committee some discussion took place over this and it was resolved.

The following subjects were discussed at length.   

1/ WEEDS ; on the main pathway ; Mr. R .Cooper has this in hand.

2/ TRENCHES ; It is up to the individual they are responsible for their own plots as are those who put up fencing.

3/ Improvements to the car park will be on going as needed and fly tipping will be monitored.

4/ There is other work ongoing along with investigation work into the flooding problem.

5/ Tyres this problem is down to the council.

Mrs. N. Godfrey's letter concerning the fencing has been answered in three above although it was given time to be questioned . After some discussion it was thought that some tenants would grow climbers e.g. clematis, climbing rose, or honeysuckle which would make the fencing a little more decorative to look at.

The minutes are available for all members by your email address (to be given to Mr James Ingman) or by post (you provide the postage) or they are available from below the notice board in the car park. There being no other business the meeting closed at 2015.

 Next committee meeting is Friday 30th April 2010 at 1930 hrs .

Mr K Bearpark

NOTE this is an experiment, putting these minutes on here, feedback if you like it or if you don't. Feel free to use this blog as a forum for your concerns ideas and topics for discussion at the next committee meeting.

Progress on James Ingman's Plot

I promised to get back Jame's plot when he did some more photos. As predicted April hit us before he did some more photos.  So, shall we start with the Rhubarb? OK, why not! The leaves have poked out and unfurled and greened up, but not enough stalk on it for that crumble yet.
James has taken on the task of growing some flowers for a friend's wedding. A risky enterprise some would say. Timing is all important if not nigh on impossible. See what I mean in these shots of the Muscari (grape hyacinth).  Keep on trying though James, it is half the fun of gardening.

Trays of brassica seedlings in the greenhouse have germinated and sprouted and here we have Kale on the left and broccoli on the right.

Bushes in the fruit cage are now showing good green growth.
So James has got his plot well under way this year with promises of a bumper crop of flowers, fruit and veg. I'm sure we'll have some mor pictures from James sometime soon.