Friday, May 26, 2006

Garden Club Trip

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The only sunny day of the week so did we get down to the allotment? We'll, no actually we went on a trip with the Linton On Ouse Garden Club. It was a short coach trip up to Stockton on Tees to visit the Peter Barrat garden centre. It is a very neat and tidy garden centre where the plants seem to be well cared for. The photo to the right shows how well plants are displayed. You get the feeling that somebody cares about the appearance of the place and they don't just plonk plants down higgledy piggledy, there is some planning going on to get a good display. The photograph is of Aqualegias, those ones with the face that turns up and the colour combination looks good.

After lunch at the garden centre it was a short trip down the road to Butterfly World. Spent quite a bit of time in there a took lots of photographs of leaves where a butterfly had been. Although the Pentax Optio is good in regards to the optics it is very slow to react to you pressing the shutter release. I fancy a Canon EOS 350 D as I really miss the feel of a good SLR camera. Can't really justify spending in the region of £500 on a camera though at the moment. so I'll have to try and make allowance for the slow reaction time on the Pentax.

I did manage to get a few photos of butterflies and here is one of them below.

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