Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Last Wednesday Barry Bothamley and Mac Mitchell met with Councillor Tina Funnell to show her the work that had been carried out by members of the gardening club and the work that had not been carried out by the council last year e.g. hedge cutting, grass cutting and general tidying around the site. The question of getting plot 46 on a rent free basis was raised and will be taken up with the appripiate department of the council.

Since the letter from the council to Mac Mitchell on the 18th December Mac has withdrawn his support and that of his firm Mitchel Landscapes of York And Malton from all future social events and voluntary works associated with the allotment site.

My own feelings are that this is a loss to the site and many will miss the availability of materials that were available through him at very advantageous prices along with machinery that was made available at low or no cost to plotholders for general site maintenance work that is NOT done by the council or was done on a very irregular basis. So, I would like to offer my personal thanks to Mac for the great contribution to Glen Allotments that he has made since he first arrived on the scene a couple of years ago.

Over recent weeks many plots have been under water, perhaps the worst of them was Duane's plot where the raised beds stuck up above the water like barges on the river with quantities of bark mulch floating around on the deep water where the paths should be. Flooding has been a frequent occurence over the last year for many plotholders and if weather predictions are to be believed we probably need to be getting our heads together and thinking of ways that we can help those on plots that are worst affected by this problem.