Thursday, May 11, 2006

Earth up the tatties

Hay fever was bad, sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes all night despite the anti histamine tablet. So, I didn't get up till midday and after lunch pootled around in the back yard pinching out the fuchsias and making a support frame for the tomato plants planted in the growbag yesterday. Noticed a flower on one of the plants already. Once I finished that it was time to head down to the allotment for an hour and earth up the potatoes in the boxes. The hardest part of that is finding soil to do the earthing up. I think I might invest in some of that compressed coir compost and use the expanded stuff to do the rest of the job as the tops of the plants shouldn't need feed and the bottoms are sat in a mix of manure and soil. That should make it a bit easier.

The next job was a bit smelly. We have some comfrey and weeds rotting down in a tub of water. I used some of this vile smelling concoction mixed with water to do a foliar feed on the runner beans and cabbages. I'll be glad when there is enough concentrate from the comfrey rotter to work with. It has the advantage of being a lot less smelly.

We are off to Bilbao for a short visit. P&O again but from Portsmouth this time and it takes a bit longer to get there! So, I expect a few jobs at the allotment will have arisen by the time we get back.

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