Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Comes With A Vengeance

No doubt about it, winter has come and given us a dose of snow in November like we used to get in 1960s and early 1970s. Thanks to Terry who took these photos on Sunday afternoon. I rather like the one of the frozen Raspberry with the granular frosty snowm granules.

Snow like that! Not going to get much done today, head home to sit by a warm radiator!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Table Top Sale 16 October 2010

To raise money for the disabled youngsters plot project a table top sale was held with tombola and raffle stalls, clothing, Toys, Bric a Brac and Tools just a little over £800 was raised on what was a very enjoyable day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Disabled Youngsters Plot

The works continue, and further thanks are due to Adrian Smith of 659 taxis donated £200 worth of plants, Dave Holmes of Mitchell Landscapes of Malton donated time, timber and plants, Jason Martin from Martin's Skip Hire kindly donated another ...load of top soil, Jason Brown tree surgeon provided shredded bark mulch and both Vertigrow and Dean's Garden Centres donated cash which was used to purchase plants.
Association members were out in force on Sunday to plant over 4000 daffodil, narcissus and tulip bulbs. See photographs below showing the planted hydrangeas, wallflowers and fruit trees as well as the bulb planting activities.
Next Saturday 16 October there will be a table top sale at Glen Allotments site with Bric a Brac, Tools, Clothing, Books, Toys, Cake Stall and refreshments running from 11a.m. - 4 p.m. so if you have anything to donate, either cash or goods, contact Norah Godfrey on 07888 693541 or Mac Mitchell on 07970 851417.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meeting Minutes 4 September 2010

Glen Allotments Association Committee Meeting
Held on the 4th September 2010 at the Portacabin
Apologies Albert Smethern, Terry Goody, John Harper.
Committee Members Present, Chairman Barry Bothamley, Treasurer Norah Godfrey, Site Secretary Robin Cooper, Ann Harper, Nev Lowes, Mac Mitchell, and Audrey Stockdale.
Minutes by Norah Godfrey

1 Meeting declared open at 4pm by Barry, he asked if there were any issues from the last minutes.

1-1 there were none.

2 Secretary's Report.

2-1 No report as secretary not present

3 Treasurers Report

3-1 Report Presented and offered to hand it round but declined by the committee, so it was read out by Norah suggesting fund raising needs to be done, and also the new £10 Assoc fee has been well received with only a few plot holders left to join if they want to.

4 Identifying a Tenancy

4-1 Robin explained Ix 1/2 plot is 1 tenancy, 2x1/2 plots is 1 tenancy,! full plot is 1 tenancy, this has helped to define the Assoc charges, However, depending on the condition of some plots at the time of applying, some cases of 2plots have been classed as 1 tenancy with 1 vote.

5 Concrete Road Edge Two committee members have expressed their disgust and anger about the road strengthening that has encroached on their plot and their neighbours, who apparently have been very upset about this but have not approached the Association about it

5-1 Barry took a look at the road and found some of it is breaking up, but it was following the natural line, at the time of putting it down it was a last minute decision as there was some cement left over from laying the path and it was near setting.

5-2 Norah to apologise on behalf of the Assoc to the plot holders and explain why the hasty repair was done

6 Main Gate

6-1 The gate has been left open over night on a few occasions, please look around when leaving, if in doubt shut and lock it, if you need the number contact a committee member all their numbers are on the notice board.

6-2 New larger signs are to be purchased reminding people to shut and lock the gate.

7 Locks on plot gates

7-1 Barry pointed out that no plot gate should have a lock on, please read your agreement which says no locks are permitted.

8 Taps

8-1 Norah mentioned that some plots have their own taps, which Judith has said needs removing, only the disabled plot is to have its own ,all others are for communal use. Robin Cooper has had no info from Judith about removing personal taps, confirmation to be asked next time Judith on site.

9 Rubbish Dumping

9-1 Please don't create an eyesore, keep your rubbish on your plot until a date is given for the skip, or take it away in your car if you can. Ta.

10 Rubbish Bin

10-1 There is a black/grey bin by the loo for litter rubbish, not for can's,wood,or plastic, there will be some re-cycling boxes arriving, these may be stored by the side of the portacabin for everyone's use.

11 Shop & Shed Keys

11-1 Robin was asked if there were any spare keys, and there are none, so, the only key holders for the sheds are Robin, Barry, Albert, Mac, and Norah.

12 Compost Delivery
Norah mentioned the delivery man gets produce as a thank you for the delivery and on each occasion it is the same handful of people giving, there are many more getting the benefit of the compost and are unaware of the giving of produce, would cash tip be better?
2-1 Nev pointed out that that would deplete what money has been saved; he gave the next delivery date as Thursday 30th of September produce needs to be ready on Wednesday the 29th September. This will be the last delivery of the Season Compost and Manure to Non Members is to cost £10x3 barrow loads.

13 Plot 46

13-1 Judith Ward came to talk to some committee members about the plans the Assoc had for plot 46 in hope to take it over, she talked at length with Barry & Mac over the plans and saw no reason for us not to have it, unfortunately, the next day Robin had a meeting with Judith, and he told us we were not able to have it, which was a blow for everyone. However, Judith was contacted for an application form for another one, she discussed plot 46 again, and things looked more promising. Mac then got the go ahead on the 11th September. Barry to get paper work in the post.

13-2 The cleaning up of plot 46 has started and also around that area, as you will have noticed so watch this space on plot 46

13-3 Judith mentioned to Barry that the Assoc will need insurance for that plot which Barry had already got in hand with Albert and lucky for us the one he choose entitles the Assoc to ½ price seeds.

13-4 As plot 46 is going to be for disabled children it needs to be supervised for
health and safety reasons Barry has suggested certain times of access.

14 AOB

14-1 Dates For Your Diary
3rd of October volunteers to clean up the site, good day to get rid of your rubbish! Judith to order a skip for us.

10th of October volunteers needed to plant up daffs all round the site, holes will be dug with a machine. Amen to that!

16th of October Table Top Sale please bring your unwanted items to the site they can be stored in the sheds just let one of us know when you are bringing it, Please do your best to support the Assoc as proceeds are going to improve the site and the disabled plot. Flyers have been done just need circulating in the area. There will be a tombola, raffle, cake stall, and refreshments

30th of October Halloween Fancy Dress Party, please choose a safe place to land your broomsticks avoiding all sheds,poly tunnels, green houses, and fencing at all costs, for a more adventurous landing try circling the flats twice and approach the driveway upside down from the main gate, a safety net on request.Food and drinks info nearer the time, Bring your own Chinese lanterns.

14-2 Tidy up the green bay area and arrange an open day with councillors

14-3 Commemorative Plaque- John and Ann Harper have had a plaque made which has now been put on the middle bay.

14-4 Splading Flower Show There is a trip planned to go to the Spalding Flower show, stopping off for breakfast at a farm shop first, this will be the first Sunday in MAY let us know ASAP so transport can be booked, Association members have to DECEMBER 1st to put their
names down and then it will be open to non-members and friends.

14-5 Pumpkin competition weighs in on Sunday 24ln October 12noon

14-6 Potatoes competition Winner, was.Robin Cooper well done Robin with 541bs of spuds!!Robin donated his winnings of £20 to the Association thank you.

Last and by no means least

An official thank you to Nev and the lads for preparing the ground and making the foot path over 2 week ends nice job! THANK YOU

Friday, September 17, 2010

Plot for Disabled Youngsters

Following the disabled group having to vacate the plot for allowing it to become overgrown, the Glen Allotment Association has taken on the running of the plot. The association will be paying the annual rent for the plot which will be divided up into several raised beds for use by disabled children and their carers.  These plots will be available shortly for use by disabled children and their carers at no charge.

This series of photos shows some of the activity on Wednesday afternoon 15 September 2010, getting the plot ready for use. Thanks to Elvington Plant Hire for the use of the mini digger, Martin's Skip Hire for the topsoil delivery, Mitchells Landscapes for the mini tractor and rotovator plus manpower and CSL Scaffolding who will be providing scaffold boards for the building of the raised beds.

The previous beds created for folks with restricted mobility were the inspiration for the project. As can be seen here there is some succesful cultivation going on.
To obtain use of a section of this plot contact the site secretary Robin Cooper by visiting Glen Allotments on a Sunday morning, just ask for Robin or if he is not available ask Barry Bothamley chairman of the Glen Allotment Association. There is still some space on the reduced mobility area which is administered by the council, also contact Robin Cooper for a section or contact the York Allotments Officer at the council.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Greenhouse Up and Running

Late summer seems to have been a busy time with various construction projects going on. During August I erected the framework of a large 12ft x 8ft greenhouse around a patch of brassicas and was then glazed it. Paving slabs have been laid upthe middle. The greenhouse was given to us for nothing on the proviso that I took it down. I'm very grateful for it and have almost filled it already with plants. Inevitably when you take down something like this some of the glazing nuts and bolts shear when you try to undo them and some of the glass gets broken. The only costs I have had has been in replacing some of the sheared bolts, topping up the W glazing and replacing some of the broken glass with twinwall polycarbonate. I purchased 2 packs of 10 sheets 2ft x 4ft panels for just over £40 each from a company called Nick Grey on the internet. So I now have some spare sheets for when more of the glass gets broken.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What's all the banging, sawing and drilling Mac?

This past week there has been the sound of much banging sawing and drilling from Mac's allotment. Here are the photos of what has been going on.
Archway for climbing plants.
A netted plant cage to keep the birds off and be able to stand up in without cracking your head. Notice the flower troughs built onto the side now known as the the Tea bar, all we need are the bar stools!
Sitting area topped up with wood shreddings. Barry enjoying a cuppa after bringing in several barrow loads of shreddings.
Front view of the cage and greenhouse/shed.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Committee Meeting 17 August 2919

Glen Allotments Association Committee Meeting 17th August 2010 5.15pm
Apologies Terry Goody (committee member), Neville Lowes (committee member)

Committee Present: Barry Bothamley (Chair), Albert Smetham (Secretary), Nora Godfrey (Treasurer), John Harper, Ann Harper, Mac Mitchell


1./ Expansion of limited mobility plot
2./ Letting out of limited mobility plots.
3./ School plot – control of dogs
4./ Plot rubbish disposal
5./ Responsibility for aspects of site management
6./ Any other business.

Meeting commenced

1.    Expansion of Limited Mobility Plot
1.1.    Since the last meeting plots 45 and 46 have been vacated.  There has been some confusion over what is happening.
1.2.    The Association understands that the existing wheelchair path on plot 45 is to be retained, with the association developing the area between the path and the entrance roadway up to height of one scaffold board.
1.3.    Plot 46 has already been marked out as four quarter plots.  The association understands that these are to be rented out to new tenants.
1.4.    There needs to be clarification over what is happening to the whole of plot 45.
1.5.    Decision: Barry Bothamley will talk with Judith Ward and Robin Cooper when they are due on site at 9.00am tomorrow morning (18th August 2010).

2.    Letting out of Limited Mobility Plots
2.1.    Currently there is only one tenant on the existing limited mobility plot. This raises questions about do the relevant members of the wider community know of the existence of these plots?
2.2.    Discussion elicited the realisation that there needs to be an inauguration of these plots with attendant publicity.
2.3.    The original motivation to develop these plots was to help a former plot holder, Brian Ashton, to continue gardening in spite of his ill-health as he was well-liked and respected and also to provide opportunities for other gardeners in a similar situation. 
2.4.    It was decided that a plaque was needed to dedicate the limited mobility plots to Brian Ashton and his wife Phyllis and to mark the provision of funding for this project by Heworth Ward Committee.
2.5.    An official inauguration needs to be instigated with attendant publicity to let those who might be interested in these plots know they are available.
2.6.    Decision: The Committed revisited its decision on the rental of these plots and decided that as rent is payable to the council that the holders should have honorary membership of the Association
2.7.    Decision:  Ann Harper to price an appropriate plaque as a first step.  The inscription agreed on is: ‘These beds are dedicated to Brian and Phyllis Ashton. Funded by Heworth Ward Committee 1st August 2010’

3.    School Plot – Control of Dogs
3.1.    There have been two instances of dog muck being found around the school plot after a dog had been seen to be roaming around the school plot while people were working there.
3.2.    Decision: Barry Bothamley to speak with Judith Ward about this to resolve the issue.

4.    Plot Rubbish Disposal
4.1.    There has been an accumulation of rubbish next to the portakabin dumped by plot holders.
4.2.    People are clearing their plots of rubbish and then putting it next to the portakabin to await a rubbish skip.
4.3.    Decision: Plot holders must not dump rubbish next to the portakabin. They must be informed that a rubbish skip comes only once a year.  If they have rubbish to get rid of then it must be retained on their plot awaiting the skip or they can take it to the tip themselves.

5.    Responsibility for Aspects of Site Management
5.1.    It was noted that we might utilise existing skills within the committee and get better results if individual committee members took up responsibility for particular aspects of site management.
5.2.    The areas suggested were: Projects, Funding, Health and Safety, Social/Events
5.3.    Decision: To go away and think about it and put this on the agenda for the next meeting.

6.    AOB
6.1.    The confusion over what is happening to plot 45 arose out of the committee’s lack of knowledge of the waiting list. Perhaps the Association needs to be in closer communication with the Site Secretary and Allotments Officer over this.  Barry Bothamley to discuss with Robin Cooper and Judith Ward.
6.2.    Neville Lowes arrived at 6.10pm. Nev brought up to date with meeting.

Meeting closed at 6.15pm

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Concrete Pouring for Disabled Path to Toilet

Barrows poised at the ready, Rob gets the first barrow load.

Too much piled at the front of the barrow and it is spilling on the grass so dump it half way.
A good rythm going now as Nev roughly levels off the poured concrete.
Roughly filled, time to tamp level and smooth.
What are we going to do with all this left over concrete?
Barrow it down to Mac and strengthen the sides of the roadway
Hannah supervises the levelling of the road edge and smoothing of the path edge.
Finishing touches, gaurd posts planted so now it is time for a cuppa and a bacon butty.