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Committee Meeting 17 August 2919

Glen Allotments Association Committee Meeting 17th August 2010 5.15pm
Apologies Terry Goody (committee member), Neville Lowes (committee member)

Committee Present: Barry Bothamley (Chair), Albert Smetham (Secretary), Nora Godfrey (Treasurer), John Harper, Ann Harper, Mac Mitchell


1./ Expansion of limited mobility plot
2./ Letting out of limited mobility plots.
3./ School plot – control of dogs
4./ Plot rubbish disposal
5./ Responsibility for aspects of site management
6./ Any other business.

Meeting commenced

1.    Expansion of Limited Mobility Plot
1.1.    Since the last meeting plots 45 and 46 have been vacated.  There has been some confusion over what is happening.
1.2.    The Association understands that the existing wheelchair path on plot 45 is to be retained, with the association developing the area between the path and the entrance roadway up to height of one scaffold board.
1.3.    Plot 46 has already been marked out as four quarter plots.  The association understands that these are to be rented out to new tenants.
1.4.    There needs to be clarification over what is happening to the whole of plot 45.
1.5.    Decision: Barry Bothamley will talk with Judith Ward and Robin Cooper when they are due on site at 9.00am tomorrow morning (18th August 2010).

2.    Letting out of Limited Mobility Plots
2.1.    Currently there is only one tenant on the existing limited mobility plot. This raises questions about do the relevant members of the wider community know of the existence of these plots?
2.2.    Discussion elicited the realisation that there needs to be an inauguration of these plots with attendant publicity.
2.3.    The original motivation to develop these plots was to help a former plot holder, Brian Ashton, to continue gardening in spite of his ill-health as he was well-liked and respected and also to provide opportunities for other gardeners in a similar situation. 
2.4.    It was decided that a plaque was needed to dedicate the limited mobility plots to Brian Ashton and his wife Phyllis and to mark the provision of funding for this project by Heworth Ward Committee.
2.5.    An official inauguration needs to be instigated with attendant publicity to let those who might be interested in these plots know they are available.
2.6.    Decision: The Committed revisited its decision on the rental of these plots and decided that as rent is payable to the council that the holders should have honorary membership of the Association
2.7.    Decision:  Ann Harper to price an appropriate plaque as a first step.  The inscription agreed on is: ‘These beds are dedicated to Brian and Phyllis Ashton. Funded by Heworth Ward Committee 1st August 2010’

3.    School Plot – Control of Dogs
3.1.    There have been two instances of dog muck being found around the school plot after a dog had been seen to be roaming around the school plot while people were working there.
3.2.    Decision: Barry Bothamley to speak with Judith Ward about this to resolve the issue.

4.    Plot Rubbish Disposal
4.1.    There has been an accumulation of rubbish next to the portakabin dumped by plot holders.
4.2.    People are clearing their plots of rubbish and then putting it next to the portakabin to await a rubbish skip.
4.3.    Decision: Plot holders must not dump rubbish next to the portakabin. They must be informed that a rubbish skip comes only once a year.  If they have rubbish to get rid of then it must be retained on their plot awaiting the skip or they can take it to the tip themselves.

5.    Responsibility for Aspects of Site Management
5.1.    It was noted that we might utilise existing skills within the committee and get better results if individual committee members took up responsibility for particular aspects of site management.
5.2.    The areas suggested were: Projects, Funding, Health and Safety, Social/Events
5.3.    Decision: To go away and think about it and put this on the agenda for the next meeting.

6.    AOB
6.1.    The confusion over what is happening to plot 45 arose out of the committee’s lack of knowledge of the waiting list. Perhaps the Association needs to be in closer communication with the Site Secretary and Allotments Officer over this.  Barry Bothamley to discuss with Robin Cooper and Judith Ward.
6.2.    Neville Lowes arrived at 6.10pm. Nev brought up to date with meeting.

Meeting closed at 6.15pm

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