Friday, September 10, 2010

Greenhouse Up and Running

Late summer seems to have been a busy time with various construction projects going on. During August I erected the framework of a large 12ft x 8ft greenhouse around a patch of brassicas and was then glazed it. Paving slabs have been laid upthe middle. The greenhouse was given to us for nothing on the proviso that I took it down. I'm very grateful for it and have almost filled it already with plants. Inevitably when you take down something like this some of the glazing nuts and bolts shear when you try to undo them and some of the glass gets broken. The only costs I have had has been in replacing some of the sheared bolts, topping up the W glazing and replacing some of the broken glass with twinwall polycarbonate. I purchased 2 packs of 10 sheets 2ft x 4ft panels for just over £40 each from a company called Nick Grey on the internet. So I now have some spare sheets for when more of the glass gets broken.

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