Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In The Sh*t

Saturday we were well and truly in the sh*t, but you could say that we were as happy as pigs in the sh*t! Audrey Johnstone arranged a load of horse manure to be delivered. Derek who delivered it was most helpful and waited whilst people loaded their barrows from the trailer. When it became difficult to get to the manure he unloaded it into the bin and then brought his tractor round and filled the front loader bucket for people to load from the bucket. This load of manure was delivered free of charge on the understanding that users would chip money in to go towards the Poppy Appeal. So don't forget, if you had some manure please make your donation to the Poppy appeal via Audrey. Future deliveries of manure will not be free of charge and will cost £50 a trailer load. As the manure had all gone by Monday afternoon we need to put together some finance to get another load and to make a charge for it that will recoup the cost and make some money towards further loads. My suggestion would be a pound a barrow. I am willing to put £10 in to the fund for the next load in anticipation that I will use ten barrow loads from the next delivery. Is anybody else willing to do similar?

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