Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mac And His Grandchildren Work Together On Special Needs Plot 46

During August some of Mac's family were over from the USA and found out what an allotment is. They worked with Mac and Will (Mac's grandson in the UK) on the special needs plot. Seen here taking a break are (from L to R) Madelene, Mac, Harrison, Madison and Will.
Following are some shots of them busy working on the plot.

Will, has become so keen on gardening at the allotment that he bought a lot of plants at the table top sale and a couple of half whiskey barrel planters to plant them in. Here we see him with a Brussel Sprout plant heading off to get it planted so he'll have some sprouts ready for Christmas dinner!
Nearly all the children who visit the allotment like to go and have a look at Nev's chickens, Mac's grandchildren were no exception to this rule so here is a picture of Nev's Chickens strutting about behind the wire cage.

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