Friday, August 12, 2011

Well, the rain came down!

Having got the table top sale set up on Friday in glorious sunshine it was most frustarting to arrive at 07:30 on Saturday morning (6 Aug) to find everyone huddled under the gazebos praying for the rain to stop. The prayers went unheeded except for brief respites from the rain and not to be downhearted we went ahead and loaded up the stall with goods for sale on the basis that we had advertised it and someone would turn up. We got down and dug up potatoes, cut cabbages and caulis and pulled beetroot for the plant and vegetable stall. Was it going to be worth it or would we be taking home a lot of extra veg?

It got to 10:00 and the advertised opening time was 10:30, there was a crowd at the gate so somebody let the public in early. The refreshment tent was popular as it provided shelter from the rain, but the other stalls were also popular with a greta deal of interest in the produce stall.

By about 3:30 in the afternoon we had all had enough of the rain and there seemed to be no more customers coming, who can blame them, the rain had really set in and we were all rather wet. So we decided to pack up a half hour early and tidied everything away and counted up the money. First indications are that we made about £300 after deduction of expenses so it turned out a worthwhile day after all.

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