Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fiendish Goings On At The Allotment

Autumn is upon us, the crops are mostly in and the winter digging is well under way. Halloween is upon us, last Friday saw a day of preparation for a Halloween evening.

A ghost trail was set up around the plots starting with the black tarry shed becoming the resting place of Tarry Jack.
The evening call was " who dares to knock on the door of Tarry Jack, who dares to look inside the door?" As it happened several small boys dared and becam a bit pestilential, suppose you can't win them all!  Then on through the speiders web tunnel with rats and things ghoulish.
Having survived the tunnel it was on to the witch's garden with the three graves and skeltons climbing out.
Mac's plot was set up with gravestones in the mint bed and glowing spiders under skull and crossbones.

On now to witches house number two, for small explosions and getting sprayed with silly string. A bit more mysterious in the dark than it looks in daylight.
As dusk fell the entrants for pumpkin carving competition started to roll up with their entries.
A mainly fun evening and we hope that everyone enjoyed the event.

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