Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Progress on James Ingman's Plot

I promised to get back Jame's plot when he did some more photos. As predicted April hit us before he did some more photos.  So, shall we start with the Rhubarb? OK, why not! The leaves have poked out and unfurled and greened up, but not enough stalk on it for that crumble yet.
James has taken on the task of growing some flowers for a friend's wedding. A risky enterprise some would say. Timing is all important if not nigh on impossible. See what I mean in these shots of the Muscari (grape hyacinth).  Keep on trying though James, it is half the fun of gardening.

Trays of brassica seedlings in the greenhouse have germinated and sprouted and here we have Kale on the left and broccoli on the right.

Bushes in the fruit cage are now showing good green growth.
So James has got his plot well under way this year with promises of a bumper crop of flowers, fruit and veg. I'm sure we'll have some mor pictures from James sometime soon.

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