Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Committe Meeting Minutes 26 Mar 2010

FRIDAY 26th MARCH 2010 AT 1930HRS

Those in attendance
Mr .K. Bearpark (chair)
Mr. R. Cooper(secretary)
Mr. B. Bothamley (TREASURER)
COMMITTEE Mrs S Braund, Mr J French, Mr T. Goody, Mr. J. Harper, Mr. J. Ingman
And Mrs. A. Stockdale.

Apologies from Miss .B. Shreeve .

The chair opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. The chair then
stated some questions were being raised over co-opted members of the
committee some discussion took place over this and it was resolved.

The following subjects were discussed at length.   

1/ WEEDS ; on the main pathway ; Mr. R .Cooper has this in hand.

2/ TRENCHES ; It is up to the individual they are responsible for their own plots as are those who put up fencing.

3/ Improvements to the car park will be on going as needed and fly tipping will be monitored.

4/ There is other work ongoing along with investigation work into the flooding problem.

5/ Tyres this problem is down to the council.

Mrs. N. Godfrey's letter concerning the fencing has been answered in three above although it was given time to be questioned . After some discussion it was thought that some tenants would grow climbers e.g. clematis, climbing rose, or honeysuckle which would make the fencing a little more decorative to look at.

The minutes are available for all members by your email address (to be given to Mr James Ingman) or by post (you provide the postage) or they are available from below the notice board in the car park. There being no other business the meeting closed at 2015.

 Next committee meeting is Friday 30th April 2010 at 1930 hrs .

Mr K Bearpark

NOTE this is an experiment, putting these minutes on here, feedback if you like it or if you don't. Feel free to use this blog as a forum for your concerns ideas and topics for discussion at the next committee meeting.

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