Monday, March 29, 2010

James Ingman's Plot - Early March 2010

Here are some photographs James took of his plot in early March. In the first one you can see his fruit cage structure built around the corner of his plot. If you look hard you might just see some green flecks in the bed in front of it. James assures us that they are winter onions and not blades of grass. He is a bit worried that they don't seem to have made much progress. Don't worry James they will romp away when (if) it warms up and you get them fed.

In the other corner of the plot is the greenhouse built from wood and sheets of polythene. A rebuild was necessary after the first attempt was part destroyed in high winds last autumn. At the edge of the greenhouse you see the cold frame awaiting finishing touches.
The first signs of spring are just evident with the Rhubard just poking through and starting to unfurl it's leaves. James is particularly fond of rhubard crumble so he is growing the right stuff. Wonder what he is going to put on it? I prefer custard on mine to be honest!
A lot of hard work has gone into cleaning the soil of weed roots and bramble residues and getting the bed next to the onions ready for potatoes, still a bit to do like get them planted.
Hope to have some more photos from James towards the end of the month, oh, we are almost there and snow is forecast for Wednesday, so beginning of April may be more realistic!

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