Sunday, August 12, 2007


Celeriac is coming on well at the moment, the bulbous roots are starting to form now and are about an inch across. I am giving them a feed every day with comfrey tea as well as giving them a good watering most days. The leeks in the next row are also getting the same treatment with the comfrey tea and watering daily.

The alternative name of "turnip rooted celery does not really do justice to to Celeriac which in my opinion is a wonderful vegetable. One of my favourite uses of Celeriac is to grate it raw and mix it with plain yoghurt or quark to serve with a salad. I also use it grated into currys and casseroles to add body and flavour. I have also seen it served in boiled chunks like turnip but that is probably the most boring use of it.

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