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Glen Allotments Association Meeting – 21st July 2010 – 7.00pm

Apologies: Albert, Becky

Committee Members present:  Norah Godfrey, Neville Lowes, Terry Goody, Mac Mitchell, Barry Bothamley, John Harper, Audrey Stockdale, Ann Harper

Assoc. Members present: Bill Callaghan, Geoff, Diane Bothamley, Rob

1    Meeting declared open at 7.30pm

2    Secretary’s report
2.1     No report as Secretary not present.

3    Treasurer’s report
3.1     Norah Godfrey presented the treasurers report.

4    Membership fee.
4.1    The meeting revisited the decision from the previous meeting to increase the membership fee from £3 to £10 to be put into effect from 1st Aug.2010.
4.2    It was felt that this might be seen as a steep increase especially as the AGM had been brought forward from October thus the £3 did not cover a full 12 mths membership.  Was this fair on those who might only just have joined as new plot members?
4.3    The increase was to cover the additional costs of providing free compost, manure etc. to members and thus waive the previous per barrow charges which were unwieldy to collect.  It was felt that this was a bargain bearing in mind the money saved by each association member on compost and manure.
4.4.1    Decision
The membership fee would be increased to £10 per year from 1st August 2010.

5    Meeting Place
5.1    Are we happy to meet at Black Swan on last Wednesday of Month? Several disadvantages were pointed out:- midweek more difficult for some people.  Black Swan more difficult to get to than Conservative Club.  Drinks expensive and potentially noisy and crowded for a meeting.
5.1.1    Decision
Meetings will henceforth be conducted at the Portakabin on site at Glen Allotments on last Saturday of month at 11.00am.  However the next meeting will be on September 4th 2010 at 11.00am as otherwise we will be clashing with August Bank Holiday Weekend.

6    Account Signatories
6.1    Due to the formation of the new committee there is a need to change bank signatories.

6.1.1    Decision
This will be organised by the officers concerned.

7    A.O.B.

7.1    Storing of used water on plots.
7.1.1    There are problems of smell and proliferation of midges/mosquitoes which are not just of nuisance value but pose a potential health hazard.  There are plotholders who have suffered infected bites.
7.1.2    Decision
Site Secretary Robin Cooper will check with York City Council and report back to next meeting.

7.2  Water Drums
7.2.1    Robin Cooper has three 45 gallon containers to be used for water storage. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis in exchange for a small donation to Association coffers.

7.3  Limited Mobility Plots
7.3.1    As an Association we cannot sub-let plots to tenants as this contravenes YCC rules.
7.3.2    Decision
Let limited mobility plots go to those eligible for  zero rent, but insist that the holders join the Glen Allotments Association.

7.4    Plots 45 & 46
7.4.1    The YCC are due to issue the organisation responsible for these plots with a notice to quit for failure to maintain.
7.4.2    The project was being supported by an organisation called Gardenable to provide gardening plots and experience to those with physical and/or learning limitations.
7.4.3    One problem with this project was the use of many tyres which are classified as waste and incur a cost to dispose of.  It was felt that if these remain on site beyond the demise of the project to which they belong then the Association could become liable for their disposal.  At a current disposal cost of £4 per tyre then this could be a considerable total sum.
7.4.4    After discussion a consensus emerged that this project was worthwhile.
7.4.5    Decision
To ensure that should plots 45 & 46 become vacant that the tyres are disposed of by the organisation that brought them on. Glen Allotments Association could take on the one plot that already has a wheelchair path on it and add it to the existing limited mobility plot with the further work that is necessary to bring it into use to be done by volunteers. The remaining plot to become available to rent again for members of the public.

7.5    Wheel chair Access Path
7.5.1    Work on a wheel chair access path to the compost toilet has been started.
7.5.2    Call for volunteers to complete. Some materials already purchased.  Robin Cooper has £150 of Assoc. Funds to complete purchase of necessary materials.
7.5.3    Decision
Neville Lowes, Mac Mitchell and Robin Cooper to confer and organise volunteers for the works to be completed on the weekend commencing 31st July 2010.

7.6    Vandalism
7.6.1    There have been recent minor acts of vandalism on site.
7.6.2    Decision
Make sure all plot holders report any theft, vandalism or acts of trespass to the police.  For this purpose we include the telephone number of our PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Annie Simpson which is:-07920 56213   Also CCTV will be installed to deter wrong ‘uns and clearer signage on the entrance gate.

7.7    Membership cards.
7.7.1    New membership cards will have the plot number of the tenant on them in future.

7.8    Manure Delivery
7.8.1    Another delivery of manure is to take place on 29th of July.  Neville Lowes asks that the car-park be kept clear to allow the wagon access to the bays that day.
7.8.2    Decision
Robin Cooper will change the lock on the gate for that day so that cars will not have access until after the delivery.

7.9    Lawnmower Access
7.9.1    There is a petrol-engine lawnmower available for use of members but it is currently not as accessible as it might be.
7.9.2    Decision
Lawnmower will be transferred to Association shop.  Extra keys will be cut and left for safekeeping with members of the committee one of whom is usually on site.

7.10    Shop Opening
7.10.1    Shop is open on Sunday morning but there is limited access.  Robin Cooper is there from 9.00am to approx. 11.00am. Longer hours Sat and Sun to be arranged.
7.10.2    Decision
Key holders will open the shop for those that need it in the same way as making the lawnmower available i.e. by request.

7.11    Topsoil
7.12.1    Mac Mitchell and Neville Lowes can obtain topsoil at a cost of £80 per load already sieved for association members.  See either Mac or Nev to order.

7.12    Site Secretary
7.13.1    Barry Bothamley (Chair of the Association) invited the committee to elect Robin Cooper to join the committee.  Without Robin’s efforts it is doubtful that Glen Allotments would have survived and the Association needs Robin’s help, advice and experience.  Robin Cooper agreed to serve on the committee and was given a unanimous vote of thanks for this.

8    There being no other business the meeting was declared closed by the chairman at 8.55pm.

REMINDER - Potato Competition runs until 1 Sep. when produce will be weighed on shop scales.

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