Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn coming in

Autumn is definitely creeping up on us. Air te,peratures have dropped a good few degrees and it is time to get the winter woolies out. Bill has made a start on the area that was flooded earlier on this summer after having finished building his shed. Everybody has had their fill of runner beans and are now leaving some pods to swell and collect seeds for drying to use during the winter or for planting again next year.

With the cold summer squashes do not seem to have done too well they are still fairly small about two and half inches long. It will probably not be long before the leaves get frosted and the plants die off. I don't know if the fruits will be worth eating. Despite the squashes not doing that well the courgettes have romped away this summer as have the cucumbers. It will soon be time to get down to some winter digging and Tom and Phil have organised a barbecue on Sunday for anyone willing to help them with a bit of digging.

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