Tuesday, July 16, 2019


I was meant to have got the minutes of the association meeting out. Health matters intervened and I have had to do a gall bladder flush to clear out an accumulation of  gall stones. When full of stones I tend to act a bit erratically and become different character who can get angry and starts shouting. If I have offended anyone during that time in the way I acted, please accept my apologies. The cleanse seems to have been fairly successful but I will follow the daily apple juice routine for a while longer.

I know there are many sceptics but I feel that it has worked for me. About 9 years ago I had a similar problem and was sent by my doctor for an ultrasound to confirm that it was gallstones. Because of the long wait, about a month, to get an ultrasound done, I decided in desperation to give it a try. There are many variations of this but for those of you who might be interested you can find it here. I followed this regime and feel much improved but will probably do another flush in the near future.

So now I just need to find the minutes and get them posted. They will now follow shortly, after a small interlude. You'll have to imagine the interlude music in the meantime.

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