Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clean Up of Compost Bins And Levelling of Car Park

Some effort is going into getting the allotment site ready for the table top sale which will be upon us a week on Saturday (21st July). Our latest efforts this morning went into cleaning up the bulk compost bin that had been used as a dumping ground for rubble and soil and levelling the bumps and hollows in the car park that have appeared through compaction of the surface. Three of the sponsors of the table top sale get a hearty thank you for the invaluable help they have given us in our efforts this morning. Jason Martin of Martin's Skip Hire kindly provided an empty skip for us to fill with the material from the compost bin. Ken Garland and staff at Elvington Plant Hire provided a mini digger with bucket scoop that was used to clean out the bin, load the skip and scrape off and level the surface of the car park. Mac Mitchell of Mitchell's Landscapes gave up a morning from his business to drive the mini digger.
Emptying the bin and filling the skip

Levelling the car park
Car Park Levelled, Pallets Stacked to Make Tables Skip Waiting for Collection

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sam said...

looking forward to my first Glen table top sale. Think I'm on the book stall.