Saturday, July 16, 2011

Table Top Sale Planned for 6 August 2011

6 August is the date for the next planned table top sale to raise some more money for the special needs plot and the allotment association. Here are 17 pots of Iris sibirica from a clump of plants kindly donated by Sarah Robinson a couple of weeks ago. You can see the new growth starting below where I chopped off the long straggly excess foliage. The pots should be looking quite nice by the time of the sale. If you can help with donations of bric a brac or books for the sale contact Mac Mitchell of Mitchell landscapes, see advert to the top left of this article for a phone number or contact me via the comments section to arrange for items to be picked up. If you have any plants you are splitting, contact me via the comments section to arrange for me to pick them up and get them potted up. The plant stall will be a little smaller than the spring sale but we are hoping to have a produce from the plots available on the stall as many people asked after produce at the last two sales.

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