Saturday, May 08, 2010

Raised Beds Area For Restricted Mobility Users

A few plots away from us was Brian, a keen plot holder we saw most days when we went down to the allotment. Unfortunately Brian was taken ill and his mobility severely restricted resulting in him giving up his plot. This didn't stop him coming down for a chat a couple of times a week and saying how much he missed his plot. With this in mind Ann approached the local councillors for Heworth ward and Judith Ward the allotments officer for the council and set in motion a request for a grant to create an area of raised beds for people like Brian who had been active and had their mobility retsricted. Money was allocated by the Heworth Ward committee for the project and finally came through towards the end of the financial year for the Glen Allotments Association to get the project up and running. An area next to the car park was set aside to provide easy access to the area.

Work started a couple of weeks ago levelling the area next to the car park and placing a top soil covering and rails around the area. Three fruit trees were planted along the edge of the roadway into the site to mark the edge of the area. The box constructions were made in Mac Mitchell's yard at Malton and transported to the site for painting with green timbere preserve and put into position for filling with topsoil. Once filled with topsoil the paths around the beds were filled mith bark mulch. The finished beds look really good now and the next stage will be to get them occupied. A big thank you to Mac and his gang who did the majority of the heavy work to get this up and running.

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