Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 2009 - a bit more

Since January the site has been a hive of activity. Many new plotholders have arrived on the scene and many of the plots now sport wooden fences made from pallets.

The year has gone particularly well with many plot holders getting good crops. Above is a superb looking crop of curly kale. Notice the woodwork for bean frames next year. There has been a lot of woodworking going on. Another new activity that has taken off this year is the plot for Tang Hall Primary School. Now that the summer holidays are here the school gardening club has been kept going by parents and the Council's Allotments Officer, Judith Ward.

A greenhouse aluminium frame has been donated to the school plot. The frame has been put together and is awaiting the base woodwork being completed when it will be moved to it's position and the twin wall polycarbonate glazing sheets will be fitted.

Finally, our own second half plot where we are just starting the clearance of the next section. Where we will bw taking up the blue plastic sheeting, removing the old blackcurrant bushes and digging over thoroughly to get rid of the ground elder roots. I wish the Romans had not brought Ground Elder with them when they came to Britain all those years ago. It sure is a problem nowadays.

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