Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reclamation of Glen Allotments

Much of the allotment site resembled this area overgrown with brambles. The foreground shows an area that has been cleared and pegged to mark out plots.

Some have made a start by placing sheds and covering areas with items like black plastic or disused carpets. This may cause the grass to die eventually and supposedly make the plot workable. I fear they may be dissapointed if they want to plant this year. It will almost ineviatably end up with acres of bindweed roots under the tarpaulin.

Some of the plots that have been worked more recently are bit further advanced and making progress towards planting.

One of Bill's plots which has been winter dug and is awaiting planting.

Some of the new cleared plots as work is about to start on them.

Area of our own allotment where the compost heap has been levelled to the left. Carrots and parsnips have been sown under the cloche next to raspberries.

The area by the linka board boxes that were used for potatoes last year has been cleared and is awaiting rotavating. That will be tomorrow's job. Comfrey at the back has started sprouting and we have collected two tubs of leaves to rot down for plant food already.

This is the end where last years compost heap was. It was levelled and the compost rotavated in. Several rows of potatoes have gone in here.

Plum tree in blossom at the front of the allotment with a Berberis Darwinii with fantastic orange flowers in the foreground. This was given to us as a rooted cutting by a friend who lived in the next village about six years ago. I think that I might take a few cuttings off it this year as it is such a wonderful plant.

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